The Chorus

The Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus (KMMC) is a large, all-volunteer male choir. In recent seasons, our membership has topped 300.

Our motto is “we sing that others may live.” That’s because offerings taken at KMMC concerts are donated to the Mennonite Central Committee, one of the most efficient and effective relief and development charities around. Over the years, KMMC has donated over $600,000 to MCC. As you can tell from our concerts and CDs, we enjoy singing together, but we also keep our larger goal in mind.

KMMC presents two concerts each spring in Kansas. The group has also toured across North America and Europe. People that attend our concerts often say they’ve never heard anything like it. It’s incredible to hear 300 men singing at the top of their lungs — and perhaps even more incredible to hear 300 men singing quietly.

KMMC members come from a variety of places. They aren’t all Mennonite and they aren’t all Kansans; we draw members from Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and even Minnesota.

KMMC is an all-volunteer organization. In fact, our members pay a small fee each year to sing. This fee covers expenses of the chorus, such as music, venue rental, etc. Members also pay their on way when on tour. By doing so, we ensure that as much as possible of the donations KMMC receives go directly to charity.

Our director is Greg Bontrager.

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  1. Alan Girton says:

    Hello: I’m trying to find the lyrics to a hymn “Jesus is the Bright and Morning Star” I listen to the song on an album by the Scottish Men’s Chorus from the 1950’s. They have a strong accent and many of the words I am not able to understand. I was hoping that you may have access to this particular song. I am unable to find it on the internet. Please let me know one way or the other. Thank You so much, Alan Girton –

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